Frequently asked Questions

One of the first questions that we usually get asked is: Where can I have the skip put?  Mostly they will be placed in a driveway, but if this is not a feasible option you can have it placed on the public highway or pavement but you must have a permit for this.  You can apply to the local authority for this permit which can take anything up to ten days or most Skip hire companies will sort this out for you.
What size of skips do you hire out?

They come in all sizes small or large and for domestic, trade and industrial waste

What are the charges?

These will vary depending on the size of the skip, location and type of waste that is being removed and if any permits are required.

What can I put into the skip?

You will be able to put almost all everyday waste including garden rubbish, soil, general household waste such as sofas and chairs, but if you have any worries just discuss them with your provider.

What materials can’t go into a skip?

There is a range of restricted items that cannot go into a skip without using the services of the specialist skip hire companies, who will dispose of them at an extra charge. These include.
Oily wastes, clinical waste, car batteries, tyres, fridges/freezers, televisions, bottle gas cylinders, this list is endless so if you have any waste that you think could be hazardous speak to your provider.

What happens to my waste after it is collected?

All waste collected is taken to a recycling facility, where it will be sorted by hand and -machinery and then sent to a re-processing plant in the united kingdom and not sent abroad.

How much can I put in my Skip?

The skip must not be overloaded and not any higher than the top of the skip.

How much notice do you need for the hire of a skip?

Usually around 24 hours before you need the skip delivered is enough notice to guarantee a next day delivery, of course if you have hazardous waste, the time scale will be longer as you will need a permit and these can take up to 10 days.

What is ‘wait and load?’

This is a service whereby the sprovider will deliver the skip, and wait for you to load it, and then take it away immediately, this will mean that you will not have to have a permit for the skip making this a quick and easy option.  This service will arrive at a date and time which suits you and sometimes the driver may help you load it.

Are there any regulations concerning waste disposal?

All fully licensed waste carriers should supply you with full Duty of care documents. And will give you advice on your responsibilities and legal obligations.

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