Go Green With The Green Deal

What is the Green Deal?

As well as choosing an environmentally aware skip hire provider there are other ways you can do your bit to care for the planet.  By making your home or business as energy efficient as possible you can save a fortune on your heating bills and best of all, there’s a new government scheme to help you do this without costing an arm and a leg! The Green Deal is a Government initiative which helps provide finance for households and business to improve energy efficiency in their properties. The cost of the installing the energy-saving measures are absorbed into the energy bill for the property and paid by gradually over time, so there’s no upfront fee.

The sort of work which can be carried out through the Green Deal scheme is the replacement of an old boiler or installation of installation of insulation in walls and lofts.

You can have work like this done without having to hand over money straight away, you’ll pay it back as a small charge added to your utility bill each month or quarter. The energy efficiency measures will cut down on the energy you use anyway, so your bills will be lower and you’ll be protected by the Green Deal’s golden rule – the savings you make must be greater than the cost of the work.

The Green Deal is effectively a loan which you take out with a company which has been certified to deliver the scheme. The money goes towards installing upgrades to your home to make it more energy efficient a household able to borrow a maximum of £6,500.

However, if you move house, the debt is passed onto the next owner as they will get to benefit from a more energy efficient property. The charge for the work is applied to your electricity bill and will be paid back over 25 years.

Most people can qualify for the Green Deal as it is not means-tested or dependent on how much a person earns or their credit history.

ETSenergy Green Deal AdviceThis article was written by Mike Green from the ETSenergy.com Green Deal Portal. For more information, please visit our page