Skip Hire – Responsible Waste Management

Skip Hire and Responsible Waste Management

In the UK we have a legal duty of care regulation on the disposal of all waste.

Records should be kept on all waste disposed and all waste companies have a legal obligation to make sure  that the waste consignment paperwork relevant to the waste being disposed of is completed in full, ensuring that the duty of care regulations are met.

The duty of care regulations have been put into place to prevent fly tipping.  Some people are not aware that fly tipping is a criminal offence and can come with a hefty fine, uncontrolled waste disposal can become a hazard to the public, if something hazardous is dumped near a stream it will get contaminated and if its on a public footpath could be dangerous to us all especially children and dogs.

Waste Disposal – Duty of Care

Included in the duty of care, you must at all times prevent any of the waste falling off the skips by not overloading them, you should not be able to see any of the waste on a skip. But not everyone complies with this, how many times have you seen a skip overloaded, not realising that the owner of that skip could be breaking his duty of care agreement.

The skip hire company has a duty of care to check what sort of waste is in the skip when it is collected.  If any of the following items are found in it fridges/freezers, tv sets or computer monitors, tyres. Batteries, glue, paint, chemicals, gas bottles, these will be either returned to where they were collected from or disposed of in the correctly under the current legislation rules and the hirer will have to pay an additional charge.

Not only do skip hire companies have a duty of care, we all do.

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